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"We met Emma just 6 weeks or so before our wedding, which took place on December 1st 2007. It is fair to say that neither of us had ever taken a proper dance step in our lives (unless you count the shuffles that take place on your average dance floor in a nightclub or bar on a Saturday night) but that didn't faze Emma! Over just 5 dance lessons, we together created and refined a routine which took absolutely every one of our wedding guests by surprise and won us some rapturous rounds of appause and countless wolf whistles! However, it wasn't just about the quality of the end result but also very much about the process of getting there. In the last few weeks running up to the wedding we were buried in spreadsheets, table plans and basically running around like headless chickens but for that 1 hour or hour and a half every week, all that disappeared, and it was a chance for us to enjoy being together and learn something new. Emma was integral to the whole experience. She was consistently bright, cheery and optimistic and generally a pleasure to be around. She had loads of ideas and allowed us to experiment and work with what we felt most comfortable with. She got us through our crises of confidence and celebrated with us when the steps finally sunk in and it all came together. We still talk about the experience today and it was a real talking point at the wedding. In short, we recommend not only learning to dance as a brilliant way to spend some quality time together in the run up to your wedding but also Emma, who effortlessly gets you there. Thanks Emma - you're a star!"

Fiona and Gerard Sweeney
1st December 2007   


"We had great fun learning our first dance with Emma. She choreographed it so that it was easy to pick up, fun to practise and looked professional on the day. Our family and friends were very impressed when we took to the dance floor - Strictly Come Dancing here we come..."

Will and Liz 
August 2008 


"As a couple, we had never taken to the dance floor for anything other than clubbing.  Our fear was 3 minutes can seem like a lifetime.  We wanted our first dance not only to surprise but also entertain our guests, so we made the decision to attempt dance lessons.  This is when we met Emma.

Emma arrived prepared at our house, having broken down the song we had chosen.  We listened to the music together and then discussed styles of dancing we liked.  She worked at a pace that was suitable to us both as a couple.  We even found that we practiced for long periods of time, not because we had to, but because we were enjoying ourselves so much. 

In all the wedding madness, it was wonderful to spend quality time enjoying each other’s company. We loved the fact that our dance routine was a collaboration that involved us all. Emma even managed to stay my panic when I realised that my wedding dress train was too long to incorporate all the dance moves we had previously worked on.  She calmly adapted our routine in such a way that we weren’t starting from scratch.

Emma was an inspiration to a pair of complete novices and we thank her for her patience.  She was instrumental in ensuring that our first dance both shocked and wowed our family and friends.

Thanks Emma"

Kit and Bruce
30 August 2008




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